Next Lightshow Award: „Together For Your Future“

Trainees beware, registration for the Next Lightshow Award has started! Young and creative trainees with an apprenticeship in theatre and event technology (basic training) in the field of light show / light design are called upon to create a spectacular light show, which will be judged by a jury of experts and the public. Here you can find all the information and learn what the Next Light Show Award means to him in an interview with Jörg Gantenbein, President of the svtb (Swiss Association of Technical Stage and Event Professions) and project manager of the EventCampus.

Introduce your own light show

Your own lightshow, without compromises and customer wishes - just your own ideas. Face international competition and take part in the Next Lightshow Award.
The prize is awarded in four different categories:

  • Live
  • Theatre
  • Fixed objects / trade fair and
  • Animation

Trainees from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can take part.

How and where can I register?

From 15 February 2022, you can upload a 45 to 90-second video of your own staged, rendered or filmed light show for one of the four categories to the EventCampus website. You can participate either alone or with a maximum of three other trainees.

In the first evaluation round, the "Public Voting", the works will be put to the public vote and can thus win the votes of the fair visitors. At the same time, a jury of experts will judge the submitted projects and add up their ratings and those from the public voting to determine the winner of the individual categories.

The submission deadline for the project is 27 March 2022.

What awaits the winner?

In addition to prize money of € 500.00 each, the winner receives a trophy and has the unique opportunity to present his or her work to a broad audience and thus attract attention. Just by taking part, you position yourself and your work in the circle of the best. The Next Lightshow Award is synonymous with comprehensive know-how and creative implementation. The award ceremony will take place at this year's Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt at the end of April.

Next Lightshow and IGVW 4 Education

The education portal for trainees in the event industry - IGVW 4 Education supports the Next Lightshow Award in its implementation. On the website of IGVW 4 Education you can get in-depth information about the competition and lighting technology in online events.

From 11 to 26 February, you will find a selection of different topics on the IGVW 4 Education website. Everything is digital and without registration. Some topics and dates are already listed, see what is interesting for you.

EventCampus Motto

Who organises the Award?

With the "Next Lightshow Award", the Austrian Theatre Technical Society (OETHG), the Swiss Association of Technical Stage and Event Professions (SVTB) and the Interessengemeinschaft Veranstaltungswirtschaft (IGVW) with its 16 German member associations have launched the EventCampus education platform (, a competition for apprentices. The EventCampus serves to promote practical education and is a supplement to school and company apprenticeships. The first project of the Event-Campus is the "Next Lightshow" competition at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Jörg Gantenbein: “We bring together young people with common interests”

Jörg Gantenbein, President svtb (Swiss Association of Technical Stage and Event Professions) and Project Manager of the EventCampus

Jörg Gantenbein, President svtb (Swiss Association of Technical Stage and Event Professions) and Project Manager of the EventCampus

In an interview, Jörg Gantenbein, President of svtb and Project Manager of EventCampus, reveals what the Next Lightshow Award means to him and why the award ceremony takes place at Prolight + Sound.

1. How did the idea of the Next Lightshow Award come about?

Making success visible was at the very beginning of the idea of Next Lightshow. We have a lot of talent in our next generation, the apprentices. With the Next Lightshow project, the general public can see their work and everyone learns from each other. The EventCampus website is the ideal platform to bring together and develop educational projects. Through the good cooperation of the national associations in the DACH region, we have a large pool of ideas. We bring young people with common interests together and they can present themselves to the outside world.

2. Where can one see and rate the entries in the public voting?

From 28 March, everyone can cast their vote for the respective works on All projects will be made available as videos and you can easily rate them and assign points depending on what you like.

3. What awaits the winner(s)?

For us, everyone who takes part is a winner and has already earned a lot of fame and honour. After the public voting, an independent jury of experts, consisting of renowned lighting designers from the three countries, will also give their assessment, which will be counted as 50% of the public voting. From this, a "Best of" prize with a specially created trophy and 500.- per category will be awarded. As an encore, an "Outstanding" Award will be presented within the entire project.

4. The award ceremony is to take place at Prolight + Sound 2022. Why there of all places?

Trade fairs bring people together and that is more important than ever. Besides all the products and technical discussions, many new contacts, ideas and friendships are made here. And that is why, in the circles of the entire industry, we are happy to be able to celebrate these young people.

5. Many trade fairs have not taken place for two years. What significance do trade fairs still have now?

The last two years have shown how quickly the business environment can change. And so new ways will be found to meet and serve the needs of customers. What remains is exchange, and the trade fair is still a suitable platform for this.

6. Let's look optimistically into the future, Prolight + Sound 2022 will take place. What expectations do you have of the trade fair?

I am finally looking forward to seeing many familiar faces again and experiencing the innovations and products "live". These are always exciting days with lots of new impressions to take home.

7. Will you be attending the fair outside of the awards ceremony? If so, what news and / or surprises can your visitors look forward to?

I will certainly be there early on the day of the awards ceremony so that I can take in as much as I can. As I am not a manufacturer, I am looking forward to all the news and surprises from the exhibitors.

Images: EventCampus, LIFE OF ANGE / Unsplash

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