Adam Hall: A One-Stop Shop for Stage and Events Equipment

Adam Hall has an international reputation as one of the main players in the professional audio, lighting and events industries, as well as the specialist musical equipment business. We spoke to Markus Jahnel, Adam Hall GmbH’s COO, about his experiences at Prolight + Sound and Adam Hall’s plans for the year ahead.

Adam Hall will be exhibiting again at next year’s Prolight + Sound. What is it about Messe Frankfurt that keeps you coming back?

Markus Jahnel: We like the fact that the dates for the Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound overlap. This allows us to present our entire product range to our target audience in one focused package. And we also appreciate the international profile of the fair. The fact that Adam Hall head office is located in Neu-Anspach just a few miles from Frankfurt is a bonus as well.

What does Prolight + Sound offer to your business?

Markus Jahnel: The fair is an opportunity to receive feedback from existing customers and make connections with new ones. Obviously, it also gives a company like ours a chance to take stock of the market as well. And it’s also a very important opportunity to build our brand.

Does Adam Hall have any new or particularly successful products on the market currently?

Markus Jahnel: Big favourites with the team at Adam Hall right now are the CURV 500 portable arrays from LD Systems, which are tailored to the needs of the musicians but also make life easy for the installers.

Will any new products be introduced at Prolight + Sound?

Markus Jahnel: The Adam Hall Group is multi-faceted, and we want to demonstrate that at the show, and we particularly want to make our expertise in product innovation more visible. At the same time, we want to demonstrate that we are the right one-stop solution for stage and events equipment. And of course, we’ll be exhibiting the full range of products we offer, for example the Bewegtlicht range from Cameo, and Sound Innovations from LD Systems.

Review: Adam Hall at Prolight + Sound 2015

Source: Adam Hall

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