Answer to the Picture Puzzle: Tips for the Perfect Sound

tips for the perfect soundAt the end of last week, Prolight + Sound team challenged you to a little game. We showed you a picture and asked you to tell us what the picture was about. We had lots of guesses on Facebook. Chocolate marshmellows were a hot topic, but unfortunately that is wrong. One guess came quickly and was naturally correct. The photograph was taken at the Sennheiser stand and pictures the interchangeable omni capsule for the new Digital 9000 series.
In the past 70 years, Sennheiser's microphones have taken the world by storm. They are some of the most loved stage microphones. Stars such as Pink, Rihanna and Xavier Naidoo use them during their live performances. At Prolight + Sound 2013 the audio specialist from Wedemark had one of the biggest stands, at which the visitors could see and test the newest products.

Even after the convention, there are still plenty of things to discover at Sennheiser. In conjunction with its evolution microphones of the 600, 800 and 900 series, the company has recently started offering video tutorials. Easy to understand, compact and competently explained by the filmmaker Geert Verdickt, himself musician and singer in a band, the most important featrues of each product are addressed and tips on how to develop the best sound are given. Not only very useful for newcomers, but for all music and technology fans.

Oliver Ohrndorf, Marketing Manager MI for Sennheiser, comes straight to the point: "The saying goes that a picture can say more than a thousand words, and these videos give you an overview of what each microphone is best suited for and the best ways to mount and position it." We are giving you a sneak peek here. You can get more pointers about buying a microphone and all overview of all the video can be found on the Sennheiser website.

Picture Source: Sennheiser

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