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Focus Modular
How do you fill a concert hall with sound so that the customers in the last row have the same listening experience as those in the first row? The Fohhn Company raises acoustics to a new level with their Focus Modular System which delighted the visitors at Prolight + Sound 2013. Daniela Bohl, PR and Marketing at Fohhn Audio AG, explains in an interview how Focus Modular works.

Wherein is the biggest challenge when it comes to a getting room’s acoustics right?

Daniela Bohl: We must analyze the room’s givens and the requirements of the loudspeaker system. What is the room to be used for, and what type of acoustics are needed? How many people will be there? We create a professional acoustic simulation for every situation, in order to determine the most suitable loudspeakers.

What distinguishes the Focus Modular series from other speakers?

Daniela Bohl: It is the most powerful system in its class. It is the only one to work with just one software program and is extremely precise in real time. The vertical sound inclination angle and the vertical beam width can be intuitively adjusted using the software program. In the simulation the user can see exactly where the sound is steered, and at the same time he hears the result. Thereby Fohhn is newly defining the current status of the technology.

Can you give us some examples where the system has been used?

Daniela Bohl: In mobile applications the system was more or less in constant use, for example at the large World Theatre in the Einsiedeln Monastery in Switzerland or "Il Travatore" of the Opera Schenkenberg. On November 8, nineteen modular systems will be used for the acoustics at the Adam & Eve Awards in the Trade fair in Leipzig.

You were at Prolight + Sound 2013. What are your thoughts?

Daniela Bohl: Very positive. Our booth was well visited during the entire time. In addition to our popular new trade fair products such as Focus Modular, our line source speakers and Easy Port Series, battery operated speakers, were also very popular. Naturally we will be at the Prolight and Sound 2014.

Thank you very much!

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