AV Stumpfl plans Mini-Media Server

Designing technology smaller and higher performance is particularly an important goal in the event industry. AV Stumpfl also takes a step in this direction with its next product: the wings player. This is a mini-media server, which carries out similar functions to its modern high-end media server. Experts are already greatly anticipating its introduction to the market.

AV Stumpfl offers a small device with great performance

The special thing about the Wings Player is, in addition to its high performance, is most of all its size. According to the manufacturers, it is only 33.5 cm x 9 cm x 22 cm. It can be employed in the widest varieties of events.

We heared the wishes and feedback from our customers, project planners, and systems integrators, and built the highest performance and most universal media player available on the market today.
Tobias Stumpfl, Head of AV Stumpfl

The Wings Player offers functions including the following:

  • integrated automatic camera cable attachment for the calculation of softedge-blending and geometry corrections
  • Multi-timeline
  • Multi-master workflows with the new AV Stumpfl software platform Wings Vioso RX
  • Show control functionality
  • Light control
  • Multi-chanel audio Effects
  • Remote control
  • Observation

In order to better respond to individual projects, the range of functions adjusted according to the customer. In this way, the mini media server is better able to fulfill all needs.
Event technicians have a broad palette of applications with a software specially developed for live shows, events, and theme parks. Here the Wings AV software suite facilitates the playing, production, management, and show control.

In this regard, the AV Stumpfl Wings AV operating system is based on an

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