Moving Picture Pavilion – new at PLS

moving picture pavilionDid you know that for the human eye, 16 frames per second are enough to create the illusion of flowing movement? That should make it clear just how easy we are to fool.;-) But we enjoy it, no matter if we are in front of our television, in the cinema or at the Prolight+Sound. In unison with today’s them, we have news hot off the press, for the first time in 2013 there will be a Moving Picture Pavilion at the trade show!

In the pavilion you will find all the operator solutions concerning live video production. You will be able to witness these first hand, from the immediate production chain of the camera to different rudiments of screen and signal technology. Of course, the most important thing by live shows is still broadcasting the signal in lightning speed from the studio to the customers. Naturally, you will be able to see the newest technology for these broadcasts.

The market leaders in professional video production will be showing their newest technology together. Don’t miss Sony, Panasonic, and Camera Corps in action and let yourself me enchanted by the moving pictures! The movement is still an illusion, but the incredible technology is not!

Picture source: 4iMEDIA

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