Sinus Award for the FC Bayern World Experience

“Mia san…” magnificent- at FC Bayern everything is simply going well this season. The championship title is within reach and in the Champions League the traditional club is maintaining a high profile. There is one award which they have already won: The 2013 Sinus- Systems Integration Award is going to the FC Bayern World of Experience for their creative use of AV media and system integration.

Whether with interactive games, a hall of fame or a cinema, in Germany’s largest club museum the history and many successes of the FCB come alive for the visitors. Café Giesela, where in 1900 the FC Bayern was founded, is brought back to life here, and the original advertising display where in 1997 Jürgen Klinsmann let out his anger at Coach Giovanni Trapattoni, is here to admire.

Not even a year after the completion of the over 3000 square meter areal in the Allianz Arena, the FC Bayern World Experience will receive its first official prize at the Prolight+Sound 2013. On April 10 the project’s commisioners, the FC Bayern München AG, and the executive corporation Ranger Design, Wilhelm & WilhelmGmbH and the AVStumpfl GmbH can finally hold the award in their hands- just as the club will probably hold the championship trophy at the end of the season.

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