Ceremoniously opened: Experience Center by Adam Hall

Adam Hall recently opened its new Experience Center in Neu-Anspach under the motto: "Right in the middle of it all." What is special about the location was revealed to us by Anna-Rosa Zejnullahu, Social Media Coordinator at Adam Hall.

1. What is the idea behind the new Experience Center from the Adam Hall Group?

Anna-Rosa Zejnullahu: If you look at the rise of digital platforms over the last decades, and the amount of time we find ourselves and the younger generations in front of screens and digital devices, you see clearly how technology is affecting the way, in which we connect with each other. Many fear that, in the next years, our interactions between friends, family, and colleagues will take place more online than they do in the offline world - in actual real life. That’s really interesting! Because sharing an in-person “live experience” is something that’s been around through the ages. And we don’t anticipate that this will ever go away. Sharing in-person "live experiences" is where we EMOTIONALLY CONNECT. It’s the magic of being together, and sharing a true exchange. That's why we like to say that “events” are our original “social networks”.

So focussing on products, services and education, which continuously improve real-world human connections and experiences will be key for our future success. And the best way to do this is by having personal interactions and ‘open & honest’ dialogues with our customers and our users. That is the idea behind building the Experience Center. It is a place for the industry to exchange ideas about how to continually advance this aspect in a world that is fast-moving, dynamic and fuelled by high-tech. By integrating our R&D laboratories in the building, it's a place to keep pace and stay at the forefront of innovation, which requires bold courage and high customer-orientation.

Alexander Pietschmann, David Kirby, Markus Jahnel employees Adam Hall

Alexander Pietschmann, David Kirby, Markus Jahnel ceremoniously cut the symbolic ribbon for the Experience Center

2. What is the highlight of this new event location?

Anna-Rosa Zejnullahu: It is difficult to narrow it down to a single highlight as the Experience Center is so multi-faceted. Starting with the outside façade, comprising a type of futuristic speaker grill design, the exterior of the building reflects namely the technological and innovation-driven aspects of our industry. On the inside, the building is more about the people, the content, the passion and the purpose that fuels our industry -- everywhere the "why we do what we do" is represented in some way. From the restaurant themed "Come Together" to the “Adam Hall Academy” seminar room, to the auditorium showing our complete solutions portfolio in action, to the permanent product showroom, to the Rock 'n Roll Library loaded with memorabilia and the outdoor terraces for networking and creative inspiration, perhaps the highlight of the entire building is its overarching message: event technology is what we do, enabling people to realize their creative ideas and allowing people to share great moments together is why we do it. I think this resonates with the event tech industry as a whole.

3. How does the Adam Hall Group plan to use the new building?

Anna-Rosa Zejnullahu: The new Experience Center was built as a place for our customers, our employees and our partners. With integrated R&D laboratories, our engineers have the opportunity to interact with customers more directly and keep customer-orientation at the forefront of the development process. And, of course, it is a place for the event technology industry to come together, network, share, learn and exchange ideas.

4. Bearing the theme "Come Together", the Experience Center's Grand Opening Event was celebrated with a festive celebration. How were the first reactions from the attending guests?

Anna-Rosa Zejnullahu: All the guests received a short tour through the building and the overall feedback was that many had never seen anything like it and that the opening event was first-class while still rendering the feeling of being “at home”. We believe that, altogether, the Experience Center and the Grand Opening event left everyone with a strong positive impression, while also evoking much inspiration and emotion. Customers were impressed with how well everything was thought out with much creativity, intellect and passion and to see the products collectively as an experience. Industry partners expressed how much it boosts their confidence in the Adam Hall Group and its brands as well as how the sharing and transparency made everyone feel like one big family.

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