Interview with Doug DeAngelis: Congress “Future of Music & Audio,Technology”

Networking and new products in audio, event and visual technologies are a big part of Prolight + Sound. Additionally visitors benefit from a comprehensive conference program. The congress "Future of Music & Audio, Technology" takes place for the first time this year. In the interview Doug DeAngelis, A3E Co-Founder & Conference Chair, delivers insight into the event.

Doug DeAngelis, A3E Co-Founder & Conference Chair

Doug DeAngelis, A3E Co-Founder & Conference Chair

1. Your congress "Future of Music & Audio, Technology" will be part of the conferencing program of the Prologht + Sound 2018 for the first time. Why did you want to establish your congress?

Doug DeAngelis: A3E, The Advanced Audio & Applications Exchange is an established event in the United States. A3E brings together forward-thinking artists, audio developers, and manufacturers to see and discuss the “The Future of Music & Audio Technology”. The event was established in 2013, to address the radical changes in the mindset, tools, and skills being used by the next generation of musicians.

It is critical for every manufacturer of music and audio technology to understand the major shift in the industry over the past 10 years, and to adapt to the new habits and demands of young musicians. A3E is a think-tank environment where the brightest minds come together to discuss Artifical Inteligence, Virtual Reality, Cloud, Wearable, Wireless, Mobile, Touchscreen, Sensor, and other technologies that are quickly becoming the standards for new product lines.

2. Why did you choose the Prolight + Sound as occasion for your conference?

Doug DeAngelis: A3E has been running at NAMM in the US for the past three years, working in partnership to bring high tech education to both the attendees and the exhibitors. We recognize that Prolight + Sound is the center of the industry in Europe and we are excited to bring the brand overseas for the first time.

3. The event business is constantly subject to changes - what are currently the most important ones?

Doug DeAngelis: The most challenging part of the event business in our industry is the notion that technology-driven companies, which are often software based, do not need to participate in trade shows because the products are downloadable. It’s a mindset that we often see in people who attend A3E, but when they leave they feel completely different. They realize there is so much to gain by meeting the top musicians in the field who are pushing the boundaries of technology. They find that there are so many opportunities for licensing and business partnerships with companies in need of technology. They learn that while the products may be computer-based, the interaction of great minds meeting the next generation of musicians is critical for product development, and is not achieved over the Internet.

Congress President Prolight + Sound

Paul Sitar, President, A3E LLC

4. What are you mostly looking forward to during your congress?

Doug DeAngelis: I expect the dynamic of the discussions will be a bit different with the audience in Frankfurt. Coming from 30 years in the field of electronic music in New York, Detroit and Chicago, I grew up with tremendous respect for the marriage of music and technology in Europe. It spawned many any of the pioneers, and I know the best developers in the field are there.

5. What can visitors expect from the program of your congress?

Doug DeAngelis: They should expect a day of compelling, challenging talks and presentations that stretch far beyond the technology, into the psycology, habits, and trends of the future or music production. Visitors will see artists performing in Mixed Reality environments, with wearable and mobile technology, on the musical instruments of the future. They can also expect to learn about the latest technology available for developing and designing products. A3E is an experience that will guide the future of any musician or technologist.

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