With its NOVA Acoustic brand, CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH has achieved worldwide recognition after more than 30 years’ experience in the audio electronics and speakers branch. Their target customers are professional musicians and sound technicians. Prolight + Sound Blogteam met global sales and international marketing director Markus Falter to discuss their brand, products, and Prolight + Sound.

Interview NOVA & CRAAFT AUDIO with Markus Falter

Markus Falter: Director Global Marketing & Export Sales

Markus Falter: Director Global Marketing & Export Sales

1. How does CRAAFT AUDIO manage to fulfil musicians’ needs? Is it down to meeting international standards?

Markus Falter: We have a lot of experience in sound systems for large spaces and permanent installations, and musicians benefit from that. We take that same technology and use it in our smaller sound systems for musicians. Of course, the relevant “international standards” you are referring to are par for the course for our large-scale and permanent sound systems. Primarily, it is about experience in market research, creativity and product development, and production – our staff and distributors work to very high standards.

2. In Germany, NOVA.rray is one of the best-selling compact array systems. What made it such a hit?

Markus Falter: NOVA.rray was one of the first products we released under the NOVA brand, and it was the first “affordable people’s line array system.” The large line array system was only a fraction of the price of competing products and was made to a high standard. With its successor, the ELITE series introduced in 2012, we saw another significant boost to our sales figures.

3. You will be exhibiting at Prolight + Sound 2016. Will you be presenting new products in Frankfurt?

Markus Falter: We will be setting out our stall there with a large and modern stand and presenting 13 new products. We developed many of the ideas for the new products in collaboration with our customers. Of course, we also made use of our years of experience in cutting-edge components and technologies. We will be introducing our latest products online a few weeks before the fair and we aim to be able to start full production in time for Prolight + Sound. It is fair to say we’re operating at top gear on all ‘fronts’. There is one thing I can promise you right now: there are very interesting days ahead for the NOVA brand.


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