d&b audiotechnik presents new KSL system

The German firm d&b audiotechnik will present its newly developed KSL system to a wider audience at the end of January. The new system is a high-quality addition to the SL series, which enriches the line array family.

The little brother of GSL

db-audio-StandThe innovative KSL system is the multifaceted little brother of GSL. The new product incorporates all the familiar strengths of the SL Series, including broadband directivity, extended low frequency response and many rigging options. This makes the new audio system suitable for any sound genre.

Premium acoustical performance for the highest quality listening experience is but one dimension. Workflow and a fully engineered system solution is another. The SL-Series is therefore bigger in more than one dimension and we are delighted to be launching the KSL System to the market.
Werner “Vier” Bayer, d&b-Produktmanager

High frequency resolution through two special high frequency compression drivers

The KSL8 and KSL12 loudspeakers, with 80˚ and 120˚ horizontal dispersion respectively. These unique among similar sized line array modules in providing consistent pattern control down to the lowest frequencies. The two front 10” woofer drivers and the two side 8” woofer drivers provide broadband directivity and considerable low-frequency headroom. The systems couple forward through the driver arrangement, increasing bass reproduction, while the rear-directed sound is eliminated by cardioid technology. This makes the use of subwoofers flown behind or alongside the main hangs superfluous in many applications.

The low-frequency range is complemented by the SL-SUB / SL-GSUB subwoofers, which have two 21” forward radiating drivers and a 21” rear radiating driver for cardioid dispersion. They contribute to an extension of the frequency range down to 30 Hz and are impressive with their controlled dispersion, significant headroom in the low-frequency range and above-average efficiency.

"As with all new developments, it is extremely important to understand what what technicians have in mind when they’re working," explained Matthias Christner, Head of R&D Acoustics at d&b. "These challenges form the vision, something we can shape with our own instinct and knowledge."

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