Disney: Screening Room Sound with the Alcons CR1 System

Before Disney trailers and films appear in German cinemas, the soundtracks are tested and given the final seal of approval in Disney Germany’s in-house cinema. In order to provide cinephiles with the best possible audio experience, Disney Germany needed a top-quality sound system of their own, so they turned to Alcons Audio to equip their screening room.
Disney Abnahmestudio mit zur Überprüfung der Sounds

They decided on the Alcons CR1. Three CR1 screen speaker systems were installed, each with a 12” woofer, 6.5" mid-range, and Alcons’ proprietary RBN401 4” pro-ribbon tweeter. The system’s slim profile makes it ideal for tight spaces. An 18" CB181 cinema bass completes the set-up. The CR1 systems are run via Alcons’ new Sentinel3 4-channel DSP class-D amplified loudspeaker controller. Six Alcons CCS8 passive full-range loudspeakers add surround-sound to the package.

To install the system, Disney Germany turned to Munich-based digital cinema and events technology and media production specialist zweiB. For zweiB managing director Tammo Buhren, Alcons Audio was first choice: “I knew right from the start that Alcons was the best fit for this project. Disney Germany needed to be able to verify the quality of their soundtracks and identify possible flaws. The Alcons system makes this easy with its high-fidelity reproduction and the clarity of its sharp, direct soundscape.”

Source: Alcons Audio


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