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Lautsprecher-Management mit Harvey mx. 16 von DSPECIALISTSProlight + Sound is not only the annual trade fair for event technology, installations and productions. It is also used to make new contacts. Jochen Cronemeyer, chief executive of DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, knows this all too well. His company equips theaters, home theaters and churches. In an interview he describes which trends are awaiting the industry in the new year and why it pays to visit the Prolight 2014.

Which product highlights does your company currently have?

Jochen Cronemeyer: Our product highlights at this years Prolight + Sound were the new features on our audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx 16. It has 16 analog audio in and outputs as well as many control interfaces. New ones include the Cobranet interface and the DMX control.

Where is it used?

Jochen Cronemeyer: HARVEY is installed in many home theaters, conference rooms and churches and controls the speaker system and a variety of signal processing functions. Another one of our products, the upmix system, ISOSTEM is used in various large European broadcasting companies, for example France Television in Paris. There it is used to convert stereo signals into surround sound.

Which trends are on the horizon in the audio industry?

Jochen Cronemeyer: One trend is the integration of various functions. If a company wants to continue to grow, it must think outside of the box, such as which extra functions it would like to offer in the future or to which other companies it can deliver modified products.

What is your assessment of Prolight + Sound 2013?

Jochen Cronemeyer: It is a very positive assessment. Especially enjoyable was that many people showed a great interest in HARVEY, and that the customer base was international. We were able to make some very promising contacts and were able to get several international distributors for our products.

And what can the visitors await in 2014?

Jochen Cronemeyer: We will definitely be at Prolight + Sound 2014 and will present the new functions of our matrix. We are looking forward to many interesting conversations.

Thank you very much!



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