Projection Foils from Gerriets


Since cloud covered mountains, iced landscapes or overgrown sheer rock walls, needed for film, TV and stage productions, are not always readily available outside your front door, nor do they grow on stage, you need alternatives. Professionals can create deceivingly real scenery- detailed all the way to the tip of the conifer. Therefore, the company Gerriets chose to specialize in the production of foils, textiles and scenery for theatre, film, TV, exhibition stands and open air venues.

Among others, their product line includes FORMTEX, a flexible structural fabric, that was used on the film set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" to give it the right adventure look and helped the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris shine. Once again this year, the company will be in the spotlight at Prolight + Sound.

What is Garriets presenting this year at Prolight + Sound?

This year’s product focus will concentrate on projection foils and new developments. With our vast array of projection foils, we are one of the top vendors worldwide. At Prolight + Sound we will show a one of a kind black softedge projection foil, our OPTIBLACK, that is suitable for a forward and back projection area, in a 180° projection.

Prolight +Sound 2013- what significance does the leading trade fair hold for Gerriets?

Prolight + Sound is nationally and internationally one of the most important trade fairs for us. Here we are able to meet our customers from the event and rental company sector. In the past years, we have also noticed an increasing number of visitors and customers from the theatre sector. The visitor base is becoming more international, including a large number of visitors traditionally coming from the European and Easter European sector.

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