Equipment from Ventum-S

You need innovative products to save space in tour operations. Ventum-S, one of the leading systems providers in event technology, offers its customers a modular system for indoor assembly.

The Product

The system construction is currently being presented in the context of a running project. The focus is foldable pedestals with an ingenious framing system that can be simply put together. The system element can reach a height of up to ten meters in total. The model is available in various types.

The system makes its case with its robust manufacturing. Its reusable nature is an additional advantage. Especially in the tournament context, this setup is a significant step towards the future because fewer trucks are needed for setting up and breaking down than before.

Features and Possible Uses

ausstattungVentum-S, Features for Framing and Bridge Structural Elements

The construction elements mostly consist ofAluminium,In this way, Ventum-S once again sets new standards in the area of security, functionality, and effectivity. The clients can enjoy an extremely high functionality for the individual staging systems.

Ventum-S, Features for Stairways, Steps, and Ladders

Stairways, steps, and several levels, keeping in consideration the width and height, can be implemented everywhere as a component family.

Ventum-S, Features for Modular Accessories

The accessories for the Folding stage / modular system serve as the foundation for system expansion. This is true for all elements like: frames, stairs, safety rails, floor panels and adjustable elements.

It’s a Fact: Aluminium is a metal that is perfectly suited for event technologies because it is extremely light. In addition, it very resistant to breakage. So it’s no surprise that aluminium is used for many devices and systems in this field.

Ventum-S is able to stand out with 20 years of experience in this business. Another factor is that of security. This defines the main focus and is also of extreme importance for those putting on the event.

The TÜV type test for the modular system in conjunction with the certification as a GSI-SLV specialist welding company guarantees independently tested quality. We supply aluminium welded designs from master craftsmen, each one crafted. We guarantee that we will find a systematic solution for your future project development using supplied loading and weight tables, which ensure rapid results. We guarantee this quality for our modular system products for up to 12 years, in conjunction with the 2-yearly overhauls.

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