Event Dialog Plus with Riedel Setup

Raiffeisen Bank’s ‘Dialog Plus’ event was one of the biggest company get-togethers of the year according to Riedel Communications, with more than 10,000 staff participating. And the Austrian bank chose the exhibition centre in Basel along with Riedel technology and infrastructure solutions for the event. Riedel staff ensured interference-free signal transmissions during the strategy meetings, which required the use of more than 5km of fibre optic cable.

Riedel’s setup included a Medior Net real-time media network and the Rock Net audio network. With the Medior Net backbone, secure and flexible signal transmission was ensured. The setup and running of the operational system was controlled from the operations centre. The Riedel team monitored the entire spectrum of communications channels (telephone, TETRA and intercom) which the bank workers and meeting participants used to receive information. That also included the coordination of security and emergency services as well as maintenance.

Signal transmission was supported by 18 Medior Net frames as well as two Metro N routers. Additionally, a hybrid solution of a cable and a wireless network based on the Riedel Artist intercom system was also used – consisting of 50 interfaces, one Artist 128 and three Artist 64 frames. Riedel’s Juggler system took care of the TETRA network at the event, integrating 250 Motorola devices into the system. An additional wireless intercom system was used to hook up the newsroom and the artist system.

“Raiffeisen Dialog Plus – whichever way you look at it, in technical or practical terms – was a very ambitious project,” said Martin Céréda, project manager at Riedel Communications Switzerland. “But these are exactly the demanding scenarios that Riedel solutions were developed for.”

Bildflug was responsible for the technical side of the event. “The vision of a central system for the transmission of video, audio and data was made a reality for Dialog Plus thanks to Medior Net,” said Bildflug creative director Tobias Waldmeier. “Everyone at the event was impressed by the flexibility, security and quality of the Medior Net. I’m sure that this is what the future of events technology looks like.”

Source: Caroline Marti

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