Exhibitor Interview: “We set out to make a statement!”

Background report on the success story of the American company Chauvet – represented at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Halle 4.0 – and here in a short exhibitor interview in the online editors’ blog.

"We set out to make a statement with Maverick: that powerful full-featured tour-grade fixtures can be offered at an affordable price",said Albert Chauvet, President and founder of Chauvet.

With headquarters in the US and branches in places including Belgium and England, with the devices MK2 Wash, MK1 Hybrid and MK2 Spot it aims to demolish previous “budget barriers” and set a new standard in its price class.

This is followed by a short presentation video, which also makes customers enthused on Youtube. Almost 10,000 customers and interested viewers have already watched the video on the international platform – and large numbers have given a positive rating.

About the history of the products: the first inexpensive, high-quality devices from the company appeared on the market two years ago. The company wanted to immediately continue the series of successes and achieve the next level for its customers all over the world – and with that, establish new standards for accomplishments from its own production.

Media representatives and blogger following the product presentations at the stand.

All the while, the founder’s philosophy has remained the same: offering customers greater numbers of devices at a good price and in that way, getting a quicker return of investment from the customer.

“Maverick builds on the trail we blazed with our Rogue Series. Like Rogue, it sets a new standard for performance in its class. Between Maverick and Rogue, we are offering a creative tool chest that fits nicely within any budget,” explained Albert Chauvet.

More information and material in Hall 4.

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