First-rate entertainment: Backstage with the stars

backstage with the stars

The stage is perfectly lit, the PA system doesn’t have any back coupling and the set decorations keep the audience spellbound. What would a show be without first rate event technicians, scene painters or make-up artists? Probably very quiet and colorless.

That’s why once a year at the Baden-Baden Award, those people who are usually backstage are now in the spotlight. True artists are not only on stage, but often behind it. Almost 100 creative folks, who have just finished their apprenticeship, were up for the award of the best and most creative apprentice. And because talented trainees are priceless, the audio specialist Sennheiser furthered the IHK award with a special award. The best event technician trainee gets to complete an internship with the top audio specialist Markus Müller, and gets the chance to turn his training into practical experience at a workshop at the Sennheiser Sound Academy: Whether breathtaking water creatures, deceptively real beards or impressive documentaries – who were the lucky recipients of one of the 18 awards?


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