Gadget of the Week: A Splashproof Portable Speaker by JBL

They’re becoming a familiar sight – and sound: compact, wireless portable speakers that produce more than decent sound quality. One such portable speaker series is JBL’s Flip, and the third generation of the Bluetooth speakers is now available. Like its predecessors, the Flip 3 boasts a robust design and decent battery life. It can also be used as a speakerphone (which functions at the touch of a button) connecting via either Bluetooth or the 3.5mm audio jack, with noise and echo cancellation designed to ensure robust sound quality. The new version of the splashproof speakers is equipped with two passive bass radiators designed to produce deeper, richer bass.

Where JBL is really trying to stand out is with their ‘Connect’ technology, which allows you to link compatible speakers with the Flip 3 to produce a more expansive multi-point soundscape. There’s real potential here to provide lively, energetic sound for an outdoor party, in a garden or at the beach, for example, and there’s also the ability to connect to up to 3 devices to share music.

Especially since the Flip 3’s robust plastic casing is sealed and splashproof – if it starts to rain, or gets splashed at the beach, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it won’t instantly break down. You can even clean them by rinsing them under a tap, which is obviously a real bonus if you’re using them outdoors (although they’re not designed to be completely submerged underwater).

JBL claim that the 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery should provide enough charge for 10 hours of music, although it is does take around three and a half hours to completely charge the battery via the provided USB cable.

The Flip 3 is available in eight colours at a price point of €129 from all the usual electronics retailers.

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