Gadget of the Week: Cat’s Entertainment!

Cat headphoneFashion and functionality can make the purrfect combination. The proof? The kooky headphones that won’t just be scratching cat lovers behind the ears. The Axent Wear cat ear headphones aren’t available in the shops – yet. The crowdfunding project is still seeking backers. With success – the cat headphone idea has proven so resonant that almost $800,000 has been raised within a matter of days.

Kitty Headphone Features

Axent Wear designs innovative headphones the like of which have never been seen before,” says Victoria Hu, who found Axent Wear together with her friend Wenqing Yan. What makes these headphones so innovative? Cat ears with built-in speakers and LED lights, which can be switched on or off at any time. Choose between blue, red, green, and purple. The deluxe, particularly eye-catching model even comes with multi-coloured LEDs. In addition, the large earpieces are made from recycled materials, there is a built-in microphone, and a broad headband for a comfortable fit.

During the development phase of their cat headphones, Victoria and Wenqing made full use of social media. Their Facebook friends were able to contribute both to naming the company and the design of the headphones. “Each new prototype came a little bit closer to the headphones we have now,” says Yan.


This crowdfunding project is only a few days old and runs until November 7th. Everyone who backs it will receive one of the first pairs of headphones in the colour of their choice for $150.

Cat content is booming – these unique headphones have proved it once again. And you can check out the video on YouTube as well:




Picture sources: Axent Wear

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