Gadget of the Week: The DIY Cinema Projector

Events don’t always have to be big, and getting hold of the latest high-tech wizardry doesn’t always mean breaking the bank either – as demonstrated by the gadget of the week, Luckies of London’s Smartphone Projector. A glass lens, ingenious cardboard case, and a smartphone – that’s all you need for a fantastic film evening with your friends.

The pocket-sized box projects films and videos from your smartphone onto the wall, or actually any available surface. The built-in glass lens provides 10x magnification, ensuring that everyone gets a great view. And the case is designed to automatically amplify the phone’s speaker.

The projector doesn’t just stand out for its technical merits. Its striking design harks back to the black and white era. Since it is constructed mostly of cardboard, the DIY projector can be taken anywhere, and assembled in moments (and it’s recyclable too!). All you need now is some popcorn, and it’s time to press play, sit back, and enjoy. 

Smartphone Projector Bild_2



Sources: YouTube video, Luckies of London

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