Gadget of the Week: The easy way to share music with friends

share your music Life without music is hard to imagine. It makes us happy, it speaks from the heart, it conveys emotions – it brings us together. Especially when we listen together. Sure, inserting earbuds is a great way to switch off, but it leaves us completely isolated. If you’re not a fan of that, and you want to share your sounds with your friends, then it might be worth taking a couple of minutes to check out our gadget of the week: the Octo Splitter.

Everyone likes to share the good stuff – especially in the age of social networking. That includes music, video, and all kinds of multimedia content. The trouble is, watching videos or listening to music in public with the volume up is still frowned upon. That’s where this little octopus comes into its own. Seven pairs of headphones at the same time can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or any other audio device through the splitter. If the group is even bigger than that, just connect a second octopus. The Octo Splitter gets the sound to where you need it, turning the latest song or video into a genuine group event. There’s no doubt about it, this little octopus is the surprise new must have for anyone who likes to share.

Kopfhoerer-Verteiler zum gemeinsamen Musikhoeren

Octosplitter: Musik hoeren mit Freunden

Picture sources: ThumbsUp!

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