Happy Birthday, Sennheiser! 70 Years of Innovation

Innovation. Sennheiser 70 JahreHeadphones, microphones, an inclusive audio streaming solution for the visually and hearing-impaired: Wedemark audio specialists Sennheiser have now making breakthroughs in sound for seven decades now. Their trophy cabinet includes a Grammy and even an Oscar and a Philo T. Farnsworth engineering Emmy. The third generation is continuing the work started by the pioneers of 1945. It is a story of achievement and excellence that rewards a closer look.

The Sennheiser Success Story

“Sennheiser products have a track record of causing a furore in the audio community. Why? Because they surpassed accepted standards, they surpassed what people were capable of imagining,” said Dr Andreas Sennheiser, who leads the company jointly with his brother Daniel. Innovation and improvement is always on their agenda - as it was for their grandfather, Professor Fritz Sennheiser, who started producing voltmeters in ‘Laboratorium Wennebostel’ in 1945.

But that wasn’t enough for him. In 1947, Sennheiser brought its first microphone made to its own design to market. In 1956 the first shotgun mic followed, and by the next year, the company already had a range of one hundred different products. The big breakthrough came in 1968: by developing the world’s first open headphones, Sennheiser unleashed a boom that continues unabated to this day.

Top stars like Bruno Mars, Pink, Tim Bendzko and Revolverheld swear by Sennheiser equipment to make their performances a success. The German firm’s products enjoy an outstanding reputation the world over. And the company is now itself a global employer, with 2,700 staff worldwide. That ambition is reflected in their turnover, which hit more than €590 million in 2013. Sennheiser is a company that only knows how to face forward. “We are increasing the focus of our product development on specific customer needs, and we never relax our efforts to produce the perfect sound,” said Daniel Sennheiser. “Be that live on stage, in a professional recording studio, in the office, or simply sitting back at home and listening to some music.”

Picutre source: Sennheiser

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