Harmonic Design Presents HybridLineSource Technology In Demo Area

Another regular exhibitor at Prolight + Sound is Harmonic Design from Neckarwestheim with over 40 years of experience in the pro audio sector. At their booth as well as in the demo area on the outside, visitors could see the new revolutionary HybridLineSource technology.

Harmonic Design with all kinds of novelties in the audio sector

The new HybridLineSource loudspeaker systems such as the hd HLS20 as well as the hd HLS24 in combination with hd Infra218 subwoofers were presented in the Live Sound Arena. These are intended for small to medium sound reinforcement requirements. The HybridLineSource technology are arrayable PointSource loudspeakers created by Harmonic Design. The coaxially constructed and horn-loaded high-performance loudspeaker enables the entire transmission range to be reproduced evenly over long distances, striking a chord with efficient sound reinforcement solutions.

During a live set by Depeche Mode drummer Christian Eigner, visitors could convince themselves of the power of this new generation of high-performance PA.

hd HLS20-TourSys1 - advanced HybridLineSource technology

The loudspeaker concept developed by Harmonic Design drastically reduces the transportation effort and at the same time raises the quality of the sound reinforcement to a new level of uniformity and freedom from distortion.

The innovative enclosure design ensures enormous efficiency, the most compact dimensions and an undistorted maximum sound pressure greater than 143 dB.

In doing so, the hd HLS20 HybridLineSource system aims to set new standards in the double 10" class in all disciplines. By using the LineSource unit with several powerful high-frequency drivers, distortion is reduced to an absolute minimum and at the same time enormous reserves are available for sound reinforcement over long distances. The special SuperVentedDesign enables dynamic and broadband reproduction up to 70 Hz in full-range mode for standalone applications without additional subwoofer systems.

hd HLS24-TourSys2 - powerful LineSource unit

Just like the hd HLS20-TourSys1, the hd HLS24-TourSys2 is a speaker concept equipped with two specially designed high power 12″ neodymium woofers. Even in the low/mid range, it achieves an efficiency of 108 dB.

The extremely large dimensioned tweeter section LineSource consists of four 1.4" neodymium compression drivers with a special polymer diaphragm, which in conjunction with a waveguide create a cylindrical wavefront with a vertical dispersion angle of 40°. This makes the dispersion characteristics of a HybridLineSource system comparable to those of a LineArray. Due to the coaxial design, the horizontal radiation pattern in the crossover area is free of interference and completely uniform over an angular range of 100°. Double hangs become superfluous.

Efficiency redefined

The innovative hybrid horn-loaded, vented, coaxial and line array enclosure design provides seamless efficiency, the most compact dimensions and undistorted high SPL greater than 144 dB. The hd HLS24 HybridLineSource system sets new standards in the double 12″ class in all disciplines. The use of multiple 1.4" compression drivers drastically reduces the distortion typically experienced by a single driver at higher levels, and another benefit is improved headroom for bridging greater distances.

Sound reinforcement with a system

TourSys systems are available as perfectly tuned all-round sound reinforcement systems consisting of top speakers, subwoofer and system amplifier. Several TourSys systems can be expanded to form one large system to provide sound reinforcement for up to 15,000 listeners.

hd 12CXN - coaxial loudspeaker

The hd 12CXN is a high-performance monitor with a coaxial 12"/1.4" driver array and sophisticated features. With over 30 years of experience in the practice and development of coaxial drivers, the hd 12CXN has been created to set a new standard for professional applications. The newly developed 12"/1.4" coaxial speaker with double neodymium magnet system with 3" voice coil each for woofer and tweeter achieves excellent impulse response thanks to the decoupling of both magnet systems. Due to the low separation at 900 Hz, the hd 12CXN sounds clear and transparent. The compression driver with polymer diaphragm sits in the woofer's magnet system and is directly connected to the cone via a BEM-optimized waveguide. As a result, there is no shadowing or reflection at the woofer cone from an external horn.

The hd 12CXN achieves a conical dispersion of 80° without a separate horn. The large bass reflex port provides considerable low frequency reproduction. An important goal of the development process was that the acoustic performance of our new 12" coaxial driver is comparable to the usual 15" models of stage riders, but with drastically reduced dimensions and only 18 kg weight. With an overall height of less than 30cm, the low-profile enclosure can be integrated very unobtrusively into any stage.


hd AudioScreenSys - All-In-One Solution

The active column loudspeaker contains the entire amplifier electronics of the left/right overall system. Our 4+2In/4Out high-end hd ProDSP platform with highly efficient 4-channel Class-D amplifiers with a total of 300 W RMS ensures maximum operational reliability, unique headroom and the best possible audio quality for presentations, video conferences and music playback at all times.

The input stage consists of a stereo line-in for fixed connection of TV or media sound and two microphone line-ins for connection of wireless microphones, headsets, clip-on microphones or any line signals. A volume control for both microphone channels is located on the rear recessed connector panel. Four preset sound presets and microphone presets, suitable for the most common microphone types and models, can be called up via buttons on the connector panel. A permanently active dynamics processor with expander, compressor and gate function for the microphone channels ensures ideal microphone operation without additional hardware. BYOD prepared thanks to optionally available wireless audio interface.

The hd AudioScreenSys is considered the optimal sound reinforcement solution in the course of the digitalization of the working world. For the audio equipment of media steles, larger conference rooms, museums, educational institutions or hotels, the state-of-the-art, reliable and easy-to-use all-in-one complete solution can be used cost-efficiently and external DSPs and matrix systems become superfluous.

The beautifully designed aluminum housing can be manufactured to match the height of the screen or presentation surface. Seamless integration into the architecture is ensured by the option of custom painting in all RAL-CLASSIC colors. The integrated, continuous 13 mm T-slot on the back is used to accommodate customer-specific wall mounts. For direct wall mounting, the column speakers can be mounted flush to the wall with the optionally available L-angle wall bracket.


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