HEART Ibiza: Chauvet Professional Lighting

Ibiza’s new marinaside club and restaurant HEART is being lit up by 112 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 washes. The lighting concept was designed by Arf & Yes of Belgium, and Spain’s Stonex Show Lighting. The club aims to attract punters with a mixture of good food, dancing and music – more of a Las Vegas show than a traditional nightclub or restaurant. And the famous owners Albert and Ferran Adrià, head chefs at the Michelin 3 Star restaurant el Bulli, and Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, promise guests something out of the ordinary.

The concept is not the same as a normal club,” explained Ignace D’Haese from Arf & Yes. “The HEART experience consists of a variety of shows, with every evening being multi-faceted. Consequently, this location offers a completely different ambience to the usual Ibiza clubs which focus exclusively on a traditional nightclub atmosphere.”

In the three zones of the club – the terrace, the Supper Club with dinner and drinks, and the club with DJs and dance music – guests are pampered with three-course menus and colourful acts. A large part of the evening takes place in the Supper Club. So Arf & Yes needed to create a lighting experience which would match the varying moods and experiences of the evening.

“The main problem was managing several different lighting concepts in the room at once. The Supper Club is transformed several times over the course of an evening, so the demands on the lighting change as well. To match the changing phases of the evening we add new lighting elements. The Rogues allow us to change the mood and the atmosphere.” The lighting designers create a warm atmosphere at the start of the evening, and let it cool off later on.

Lighting Challenges

We had to take into account that we were designing lighting not just for when people were eating, but also for performances. That demanded flexibility. The Rogues are perfect for this, because they can gently mix colours as well as put out full-power stage lighting. That means we can use them for everything. Even while they serve dessert, we can change the atmosphere using lighting. The Rogues play a big part in this, even if you aren’t necessarily consciously aware of it. They make a seamless transition between the different stages of the evening possible. The relatively low ceilings in the Supper Club had made us wonder if the there was sufficient depth for colour mixing, but the Rogues could produce warm, vivid colours despite the lack of space.
Ignace D’Haese from Arf & Yes

From Duran Duran to the Chemical Brothers, the stars have already graced the club in its first few months. And along with the Chauvet Professional Rogue system, D’Haese and his team have produced a lighting concept that the guests love.

Bilderquelle: Chauvet


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