Hog Factor Winner – Wave of Success after Award

Only a few months have passed since Nina Mesitz won the lighting programming competition "Hog Factor" at Prolight + Sound. Together with her team “Status Cue,” the Graz-based trainee was able to win over the jury. In terms of her career, this is an event that has opened many doors for the young Austrian.

“You gather an incredible amount of experience and get to know important people. It’s an opportunity that people should certainly take advantage of,” Nina Mesitz commented on the award.

Hog Factor – a young competition that gives young talent new chances

First initiated by High End Systems in 2015, each year "Hog Factor" invites young lighting designers to demonstrate their skills. Everyone has the same conditions: the emerging lighting designers create lighting effects and shows on a Hog 4 console, which are presented live to the audience in the finals. In the end, Nina Mesitz and her team Status Cue from the Austrian vocational school BS Evita successfully inspired the audience and the jury.

The young trainee regarded the “Hog Factor” as a fantastic opportunity and delivered a perfect performance with her colleagues. Beginning technicians often lack the relevant practical experience in front of a live audience.

“As an emerging lighting designer it is important to gather live experience and receive feedback,” confirms Nina Mesitz.

For Nina Mesitz, the focus was not on winning. Instead, the interaction with people with similar interests and direct feedback from the audience was more important to her – an experience that was one of the most emotional moments of her life. Most of all, she profited from the contacts she was able to make during the event, but also from the material prize: a Hoglet 4 lighting console.

“The lighting console provide everything I need for the beginning phase of my career. I can work independently, gain experience and practice handling, independent of the gigs and locations available,” she said, adding: “The Hog Factor has enabled me to take the most important step towards working freelance.”

She advices all the emerging talents from the lighting scene to take part in the competition. The “Hog Factor” will also take place during the Prolight + Sound 2019 – according to Nina Mesitz the best opportunity to gather live experience.

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