Hybrid Cable – Sommer Cable Unite Three Functions in One

Especially in the area of event technology, the question often comes up: where should all the cables go? Not only do all devices usually need more than one power source, which means that technicians are frequently confronted with a colourful “cable salad”. In order to eliminate this question in the future, Sommer Cable has brought a hybrid cable to the market. This combines several functions at once: HD-images, power supply and network.

Hybrid Cable – strong performance in many areas

The hybrid cable from Sommer Cable is especially well-suited for use in official and public events, but also in the mobile units or even installation technology. In the last example, for instance, the Dome camera system is in high demand. Thanks to its new way of being assemble and working, the new TRANSIT MC 1031 as well as HD video image can both transmit electricity and network signals. This means it fits perfectly all events where diverse transmission plays a role. Its use area is very diverse and a great relief for every technician while setting up and breaking down.

For us the flexibility and robustness is particularly important for bending or drumming or under strong tensile loading. Thus, with the TRANSIT MC 1031 we rely on a doubly protected video cable, a sturdy CAT.7 cable and a 3 x 2.5 mm² network cable with a flame-resistant PVC wrap. Whether by heat or cold – our new hybrid cable facilitates transmission over a hundred meters without a problem.
Pascal Miguet, Product & Sales Manager at SOMMER CABLE

Important Characteristics of the Hybrid Cable TRANSIT MC 1031

  • available in custom lengths
  • 10 Gbit-compatible network transmission
  • power transmission
  • HD-SDI conformed video transmission
  • protects perfectly
  • low attenuation values for long-distance transmission in HD
  • compact diameter
  • highly reelable due to high flexibility

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