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in the mood

Let’s take a little journey back in time. Back to the 60’s, as The Beatle’s made a crosswalk world famous, and songs such as “Help”, “Yellow Submarine” and “Yesterday” made our hearts melt. Let’s dare to look back to the 70’s, to four Swedish pop singers in flashy bell bottoms, whose songs “Mamma Mia” and “Dancing Queen” were known far beyond their country’s borders. Why should we take a look at the past just now?

Alongside the fame of the singers and songwriters a German company also reached their breakthrough in the 60’s. beyerdynamic’s success story started then. For example, the ribbon microphones with which the Beatles toured Germany in the mid 60’s were from these audio specialists. ABBA also used beyerdynamic’s technology at their performances.

But enough of the past. The Heidelberg based company has long since made a name for itself through innovative ideas for headphones, microphones and concert technology. Just this month beyerdynamic presented their interactive headphones, Custom One Pro, in a whole new design. The “music jewel” promises not only a sophisticated design, but also the perfect tuning “for every music and every mood”.  The Custom Headset, also new, can easliy be attached to these headphones or to your own laptop.

beyerdynamic on Prolight+Sound 2013


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