Innovative Stage Concept as Special Area in Hall 4.1

The special area “Silent Stage” demonstrates solutions in and around the fields of microphones, portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, production and radio as well as network and media technology. Professionals in the event technology branch as well as musicians can experience how this innovative stage setup can contribute to the improvement of the mix as well as the performance of musical acts. The advantages of the silent stage will be explained on the basis of live demonstrations with moderators and band, and the possibilities for implementation will be demonstrated. Numerous brands will participate in the realization of the special area and will present their products and technologies there – including Audio-Technica, Box of Doom, Hearsafe, InEar, Kemper, Klang Technologies, Variphone and Vision Ears.

The advantages of the Silent Stage concept

The “Silent Stage” describes the approach of minimizing the level of noise on stage as much as possible. This is achieved through the use of amp-simulations, isolation speakers, drum cages, as well as electronic musical instrument. Furthermore there are not used any monitoring loudspeakers on stage. The musicians or the other band members hear themselves through an individually adjusted mix. The advantages as well as the technology necessary for implementation is demonstrated by Prolight + Sound at a stage set up according to the “Silent Stage” principle, where there will be multiple performances each day by a professional band. The visitors initially only receive the music softly via the PA. But listeners can also dip into the sound world of the band at listening terminals on stage. There they can get their own impression of the differentiated and clean sound made possible by the silent stage concept. In addition, the various in-ear and on-ear solutions can be tested. Together with a moderator, the band presents the technologies used on the stage in detail and answers questions.

The Silent Stage is located in Hall 4.1. The Silent Stage is conducted in English.

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