Interview with Lax Europe GmbH

Quality and increased efficiency with loudspeakers is what the company Lax Europe GmbH has established for its products. We spoke with Andreas Bünemann, CEO of Lax Europe, in the leadup to Prolight + Sound 2017.

1. “Loudspeakers with increased efficiency” – what potential is still possible in that area?

Loudspeakers are relatively inefficient as a matter of principle. 95% of the heat dissipates. We try to shift the equation with the inertness or flexibility of the membrane. The loudspeaker, power amp, and DSP for an inseparable unit in our systems. We equally try to cause an increase in efficiency for the loudspeakers through an efficient DSP, arc design, as well as digital power amps.

2. What do clients value about LAX Europe GmbH?

In addition to the production quality, our clients most of all value the honesty when naming data. We don’t care for fictitious or projected values. In addition, we attempt to work as closely as possible with our clients. That is how we can react to their needs with corresponding products.

3. How many times have you been an exhibitor at Prolight + Sound?

LAX Europa has participated in the PLS once before as GmbH. However, we been there three years before in partner stands. Last year we wanted to use our own stand and the new GmbH company form to transport the message that we have become an independent company. The PLS in Frankfurt has always been the most important trade fair for us. For me it was quickly apparent that PLS is the only fair we need at the moment.

4. Looking forward to Prolight + Sound 2017: can you give the visitors a small hint of what they can expect?

We have so much planned and looking forward to it. There will be three stand parties over three evenings. This is one way we can give something back to our clients, but also win new ones over. We will also present several new products from our German production. We even have several innovations to offer with personnel. We have also expanded our stand. So it really pays to come by.

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