Organizational Challenge Trade Fair Traffic – An interview with Torsten Müller

It is not only the organization of the trade fair halls and the outdoor areas that requires organizational skills. The effort involved in coordinating traffic management is often underestimated. In an interview, Torsten Müller, who works in traffic management at the Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, told is what challenges need to be overcome.

1. You organize the traffic around the fairgrounds before, during, and after the fair. What are the biggest challenges?

If all the halls and open air areas are occupied, it is a great challenge to organize the construction and getting the dismantling to run smoothly is even more challenging. This means that the escape routes must be kept clear.

2.What do exhibitors have to keep in mind when they have their stands delivered by truck?

All vehicles have to be registered in advance. For this purpose, we have had our registration platform on the Internet since 2016. Registration is always possible, starting 10 weeks in advance, but most registrations take place immediately before the start of assembly. Customers must note that we usually need 36 hours to process registrations, sometimes a little more.

3. How has the traffic / delivery of set-up and dismantling changed in recent years?

Just as the exhibition grounds have changed over the last 20 years, so too has the traffic. In the past, all construction vehicles were recorded and counted by hand directly at the gate. Only days later were entry numbers were – partially. Today, with our electronic entry system, we receive the numbers at the push of a button.

4.Welche ungewöhnlichen oder kritischen Situationen gab es bereits während einer Messe?

People could write a book about it. There are VIP guests from the music industry who can't find the fair, there is stray luggage in the middle of the event area, and various other incidents.

5. What should visitors keep in mind if they want to come to the fair with their car?

Our Rebstock multi-story parking garage is available to visitors at most events. Please note that no tickets are issued at the entrance to this multi-story parking garage. There is a daily rate for parking. The ticket for the exit can be purchased by paying the day fee at one of the ticket machines in the bus hall or in the passage in level 2.

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