Interview with Michael Biwer – Group Show Director Prolight + Sound and Music Fair

What can visitors to Prolight + Sound 2017 expect? Where will the innovations be? We spoke to Michael Biwer, Group Show Director of the entertainment sector, Media & Creative Industries at the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH regarding the planning for next year.

michael biwer group show director

Redaktion: Mr Biwer, there have been many changes in the organisational structure of the fairs. What are your goals?

Michael Biwer: First of all, I would like to say that we are very proud of these changes, which have also been greeted very well by the public. Our focus is on creating as many synergies as possible for the music fair, but still remaining independent.

Redaktion: Will the music fair and Prolight + Sound grow together even more?

Michael Biwer: By shifting the dates of Prolight + Sound from Tuesday to Friday and having the music fair take place from Wednesday to Saturday, there was once again a greater overlap on the business days. This way it is easier, logistically, to visit both fairs. I

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