Interview with Patricia Früh, Project Management Music Education, Outdoor Areas, Awards

The outdoor areas of the Prolight + Sound enable visitors to discover innovative products for outdoor events live and in action. The realization of those particular shows requires a lot of preparations in combination with legal restrictions. Patricia Früh, Project Management Music Education, Outdoor Areas, Awards, is the one responsible for the planning of those outdoor areas. In her interview she talks about her daily schedule at the Messe Frankfurt.

Patricia Früh Messe Frankfurt

Patricia Früh, Project Management Music Education, Outdoor Areas, Awards

1. As a team member at Messe Frankfurt, your responsibilities include the outdoor areas at Prolight + Sound at controlling the volume levels – which tasks are a part of these responsibilities?

This area mostly includes the coordination of stages and communicating with our internal and external partners as well as working with a sound expert and our service technicians. For examples, we had to demonstrate to the authorities that we don’t exceed sound emission limits.
That’s the only way we are able to get a permit for the arenas.

2. What are some of your other responsibilities with Messe Frankfurt?

In addition to the outdoor areas at Prolight + Sound, the Festival Boulevard is also one of my tasks. I administer various themes under the category of Music Education, for example the new talent area Discover Music.

We set up a separate area where various instrument stations can be tried out. Every year we invite nurseries and schools.
Registrations can be carried out with Music Education tab.

In addition, the award ceremonies are part of my responsibilities. Here we have various awards with various emphases: our MIPA / PIPA award honors products, the Opus and Sinus Award is, just as the mondo*dr Award – presented for the first time in 2017 – focused on projects.
There are various other special shows / stage areas in my ambit for the music fair and Prolight + Sound. There are different thematic emphases each year.

3. What do you like in particular about your position as project manager?

The diversity of projects and topics are part of what I really enjoy about my responsibilities as project manager. In terms of content, this includes very different areas where you have to acquire specialized knowledge.
Every year and every fair is different, which means there are always new, exciting areas to be discovered.

4. What kinds of challenges do you have to overcome when organizing the Outdoor Areas?

There are a wide variety of influencing factors in the outdoor areas.
On the one hand, there are exhibition areas in the hands of the exhibitors, on the other hand, the so-called special shows / stage areas that we administer. However, it’s important to take the differing interests of individual participants.
One topic that has demanded our attention in particular during the last few years is volume levels.
An expert assessment of the outdoor areas at Prolight + Sound and the Music Fair had been commissioned last year. On the basis of this assessment, we were able to determine the placement and use of the live and concert sound arena.
Our technicians carried out measurements on location and continued monitoring the various situations on the grounds during the duration of the trade fair.
Through the implementation of these measures, we were able to use the measurement report to prove that the legally stipulated limits were maintained at all times.
Our efforts were also regarded positively by the visitors and exhibitors. Through this, we also hope for more understanding on the side of our partners and clients in regards to our requirements regarding volume levels in the halls. We also see room for improvement in parts of the music fair.
Additionally, for the second time, this year we will implement concepts for reducing volume levels within the halls in order to create a shift.

5. Striking a balance between satisfied exhibitors and optimal administration of Prolight + Sound surely isn’t always easy – what experiences have been particularly memorable?

For example, with the Prolight + Sound arenas. Here is where our clients want to demonstrate what their products are capable of. At the same time, we have to maintain certain volume limits so that our visitors and clients do not suffer any health damages.

At this point, I would like to explicitly thank all the participants for their support, all of the partners/technicians and exhibitors worked hand in hand, making a smooth process possible.

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