Interview with Wolfgang Weyand – Head of Business Relations & Entertainment

Since the beginning of October there is a new face working at the Messe Frankfurt: Wolfgang Weyand. The native Frankfurter completes the team of the Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound with his position as Head of Business Relations & Entertainment. Yet, the employee of the Messe Frankfurt has been known in the industry for a while and can incorporate his years of experience into his new position. Wolfgang Weyand talks in the interview about his motivation and his new tasks at the Messe Frankfurt.

Fair Messe Frankfurt Prolight + Sound Wolfgang Weyand

Wolfgang Weyand, Head of Business Relations & Entertainment

1. What are your responsibilities at the Messe Frankfurt?
Wolfgang Weyand: I have been named head of the Business Relations & Entertainment department and in this role am responsible for the entire accompanying program at Prolight + Sound and the Music Fair. In addition, I am the person associations and external partners communicate with.

2. During the past two years you have already organised the Musikmesse Festival and were involved in other project (amongst other things a pavilion for the Expo in Milan). How do you incorporate those experiences into future projects?

Wolfgang Weyand: It’s a pleasure to get partners excited about shared ideas. It’s also an advantage that I’ve known many of the colleagues at Messe Frankfurt for several years. It’s advantageous that you already know the company, but from another perspective.

3. What goals are you aiming for as the person in charge of the accompanying programme of Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse?

Wolfgang Weyand: Both trade fairs stand for a diversity of events in their accompanying program. Especially the implementation of technology from the range of products represented at the Prolight + Sound takes people’s breath away. This means harmonious support on all sides. Star-studded topics at the Prolight + Sound, international artists at the Music Fair, and exciting musical encounters at the accompanying music fair festival that can be attended with a Prolight + Sound ticket: all of this is planned.

4. What occupational challenges were you able to master in the past?

Wolfgang Weyand: I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. I have been able to successfully organize large public events over the years, but have also been active as music executive, artist manager and consultant. The two fairs fit together like the famous peas in a pod.

5. What are you mostly looking forward to your new job at the Messe Frankfurt?

Wolfgang Weyand: I was born in Frankfurt and have been an enthusiastic visitor since my youth. That alone would be enough to apply for such an exciting position. But there’s also the draw of being able to make bigger things happen behind the scenes with a company like Messe Frankfurt as opposed to what you can do as a “small” agency.

6. You are very strongly tied to the creative economy with connections including your voluntary activity as the head of the association of Music Managers & Consultants e.V. (IMUC). How with this influence your work here?

Wolfgang Weyand: Positively, of course, because I have direct access to many of the movers and shakers in the cultural and creative economies through my activity with the associations. This greatly eases my work, is fun, and in this way, a small reward for my honorary post.

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