IP Portfolio For Lawo Live And Installation

Lawo presented IP-based products and solutions for theatre and live applications at this year’s Prolight + Sound. Vsitors were able to experience Lawo mc² audio mixing consoles and Lawo IP routing systems in a hands-on environment, as well as video processors and audio-over-IP interfaces, including the new A-stage devices of the A-line family. Lawo's products not only win the day at Prolight + Sound but also internationally. Lawo has equipped the radio station KISS FM in Rwanda with the RƎLAY VRX software, making it the most modern radio station in the entire country.

The mc²56 audio production console


Lawo mc²36 mixer

The third-generation 48-fader mc²56 mixer is optimized for today’s IP video production environments. It is designed for networking in complex production infrastructures from the ground up. It is fully supported by SMPTE 2110, AES67 / RAVENNA, Dante and MADI audio streams. Its network performance is further enhanced by innovative features such as IP-share level compensation and Dynamic Surface to Core Allocation (DSCA). The console's connectivity offers two redundant IP network interfaces. By providing two identical parallel connections to the Nova73 router, they meet the hitless merge standard for stream and port redundancy. Comprehensive local I/Os include 16 mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, eight AES3 inputs and outputs, eight GPI/Os, and a local MADI port (SFP).

Lawo also unveiled the all-in-one live mixer, mc²36, in a 24-fader frame with comprehensive functionality for broadcast, theatre, live and installation applications at Prolight + Sound.

RƎLAY VRX software at KISS FM in Rwanda

kiss-fm-lawo-pls-2019RƎLAY is a powerful mixing console that runs in a virtualized PC environment. Rwanda focuses on the development of industries and also regards innovations in information and communication technology as an important engine for the country's economy. KISS FM in Kigali is an example of how new, forward-looking technologies can be used successfully in Rwanda. As a pioneer, the station inspires the media landscape of the entire region. With the move to its new building, KISS FM is also breaking new ground in broadcasting. IP technology is being used for the first time nationwide in the brand-new studios. Instead of conventional mixing consoles, the transmitter uses large-format touchscreens to operate the Lawo RƎLAY VRX software. This gives the entire radio studio a modern and clear appearance, perfect for the use of cameras for "Visual Radio".

lawo-kiss-fm-pls-2019RƎLAY is easy to operate via the intuitive, multi-touch screen interface. This virtual radio mixer has comprehensive equipment and offers all professional tools for radio production on the touch screen. From speech editing to N-1 conferencing, users can create a complete broadcast studio with a single touchscreen PC. The software RƎLAY is used on the same PC as the playout system, software codecs, streaming encoders and other studio functions.

A new part of the A-line family: New A-stage AoIP interfaces

lawo-a-stage-serie-pls-2019In addition to its AoIP devices, Lawo presented its WAN-enabled AoIP devices with discrete Class A microphone preamps. Two discrete, redundant network connections ensure stability. The Stage Series 80, 48 and 64 have switchable mic/line inputs. These can process both balanced and unbalanced sources. The A-stage 64 presented at Prolight + Sound is designed for applications where discrete XLR input/output connectors are preferred. It offers a capacity of 32 switchable microphone/line inputs, 16 analog line outputs, 8 stereo AES3 inputs and 8 stereo AES3 outputs. The A-stage80 and A-stage48 are equipped with SUB-D37 connectors for cable whips. Like the other A-stage products, the A-stage64 offers two redundant MADI ports on SFP, eight opto-isolated GPI/O ports, two SFP/RJ45 streaming and control ports, and one RJ45 management port in a 4U chassis.

VSM Broadcast, Live and Installation System

VSM is the independent control system that brings all devices in a plant into a single, uniform control environment. This is used on cruise ships (quantum class at the Royal Caribbean) through to auditoriums and lecture halls (including German and European Parliament).

All Lawo IP products are future-oriented, based on open standards and oriented to the roadmap of the industry association AIMS.

Image source: Lawo

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