Kiddo Kat in an Interview with Adam Hall

Just in time for the product presentation by Adam Hall, the singer Kiddo Kat really heats up the crowd at this year’s Prolight + Sound. For her it is a special feeling to be back in Frankfurt because she had her breakthrough one year before during Prolight + Sound.

How it came to be

A jam session in the Frankfurt metro helped her reach several million clicks online overnight. The video was an absolute hit and the adventure of being “suddenly famous” began all at once for the singer, all of the media enveloping the 24-year-old.

For me it’s all still like in a movie. All at once, everyone was interested in my music and we were even invited to TV shows.

The singer born in Berlin immediately went on a big tour. “It was really unbelievably beautiful, most of all the contact with my fans and simply being able to stand on stage,” the singer said.

Kiddo Kat – Something New in 2017

Kiddo has played guitar since she turned 12 – for her it was always clear that she “wanted to make music.” Thanks to the video and the hype it unleashed, this dream has become reality. By now Kiddo Kat can live quite well from her gigs and travels all across Germany. At the moment she is working on her new album, slated to be released this fall.
If you ask the singer what the songs in her new album are about, she says:

On the new album I process everything that has happened in the past year. This crazy hype, all the experiences, and the first tour. One song is especially near and dear to me. It’s called “growing under pressure”.

The title is actually the best way to describe how much I’ve matured during this crazy time, and want was going on in my head. “I’m thankful for every day that I can make music and play in front of an audience.”

Further Information

At any rate, the visitors at Adam Hall were enthused. Whoever has ever wanted to see the singer live has the chance to see her in various slots at the exhibitor’s stand until Friday.

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