Kling & Freitag at the PLS: “Sound is our passion”

Kling & FreitagThat is the name of the game at the Hannover audio manufacturer, Kling & Freitag. “Whether in the symphony hall or in a stadium, at classical or rock open air festivals: It’s not what you present, but how you present it. To feel, you must hear! If you want to listen, then you have the right to an unforgettable sound experience,” is written on their website. And using this motto Kling & Freitag developed their products. From March 12 to 15, 2014 they will be showing their newest developments at the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt. Lars Heinrich, director of sales and marketing, told us what the visitors can be excited about.

Loudspeaker and subwoofer news

“Right on time for the start of the Prolight, Kling & Freitag are presenting a new loud speaker system which complete the series GRAVIS and NOMOS and the ProRental series,” he says. The GRAVIS 8 and GRAVIS 15 compliment the full range loudspeaker, GRAVIS 12+. The GRAVIS 8 is designed for the near field sound and the use as front and side fill as well as a delayed loud speaker. “With its maximum sound pressure of 129dB, this very compact system is aligned for maximum output,” Heinrich says. The GRAVIS 15 produces, in addition to an extended deep tone range to 5dB, an additional peak acoustic pressure in comparison to its sister model the GRAVIS 12+.

Four new bass models expand the NOMOS series. The NOMOS LS II (1 x 15”), NOMOS LT ( 2 x 15”), NOMOS XLS (1 x 18 “) and the NOMOS XLT (2 x 18 “) all based on the same heavy duty high tech chassis. “The acoustic fine tuning was optimized based on deep and continual bass playback,” says Heinrich.

Heinrich and his team have been at the PLS for 20 years. They are once again looking forward to, “seeing acquaintances and new customers, being there as a contact and await exciting conversations about their new products,” says Heinrich. Kling & Freitag can be found in Hall 8, level 0 at stand F40.

Picture sources: Kling & Freitag

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