Laserworld: Showlaser On Prolight + Sound 2023

Laserworld is one of the world market leaders in the show laser sector, which the company has achieved mainly through their high-quality products. The company has extensive developments in optics, electronics and software, which are realized by own production lines. Thus, a wide portfolio from small lasers to high-end systems can be covered.

Showlaser rent and buy with Laserworld

Laserworld is one of the world market leader in the areas of manufacturing and distribution of show laser systems. The product portfolio includes entry-level laser systems up to professional high-end lasers. Thereby, each product series is adapted to the corresponding target group. Thus, the product range consisting of a variety of laser systems that complement each other appeals to a wide range of customers, including specialist dealers for music systems and more.

Laser show production and references

Laserworld is an ideal partner for laser and multimedia show projects due to the extensive experience of its staff and numerous references from past projects. The company offers a range of products and services, including laser software, laser show types and high-power lasers.

Laserworld Group partners have performed laser and multimedia shows for a wide variety of occasions and of many different types. The most popular venues and occasions for laser shows are clubs, festivals, multimedia as well as architecture and advertising. In addition, many well-known artists and musicians also rely on laser and multimedia shows to enhance their stage shows. Furthermore, our laser systems are also used at weddings, product presentations or other large events.

In the interview, Norbert Stangl talks about Laserworld's products and tells us about his expectations for this year's Prolight + Sound.

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