LAX Europe: Pro Series from Neutral Audio Available

It’s been a good start to the year for LAX Europa GmbH. They’ve taken over distribution of the Pro Range series from Neutral Audio – internationally. Some of the best known and best loved products from the range include the X-D.R.E.I. Pro, D.R.E.I. Micro, and the D.R.E.I. Pro.

LAX Europe are proud of this coup – their customers, distributors and dealers now have some of the most innovative and recognisable audio products in the world available to them. Andreas Bünemann, LAX Europa GmbH CEO, contends that the new D.R.E.I. technology is capable of improving the performance of almost any PA system.

D.R.E.I. Technology from Neutral Audio: An Overview

It’s often the case that irregularities within the signal chain arise causing a degradation of the output signal. These irregularities include asymmetries, interference, intermodulation, drop ins, changes to the wave form, and so on. As a rule, these anomalies are marginal enough to be ignored. However, once you’ve put them through an amplifier, they can have a real – and negative – impact on the passive filter and the electromagnetic state of the speaker. The result: disappointing sound quality. Sound will be muddy with an ‘off’ timbre, leaving you with the feeling that the signal has been altered or compromised and the bass output is either overdone, too strong, or too slow.
This is the where the Neutral Audio range comes in. D.R.E.I. is used by the amp to smooth out anomalies. The analogue optimisation produces a purer music signal that is specialised for amplification, allowing the speakers to reproduce a true music signal. There’s no doubting the advantages: D.R.E.I. can produce a neutral, crystal clear, pure and complete sound, a musical reproduction without listening fatigue.

  • 100% analogue
  • User-friendly (Plug&Play)
  • Specially for recording playback, live sound, complex speaker tasks
  • Amplifies pure music signal
  • Fewer artifacts
  • Enhances analogue signals originating from digital devices
  • Easier to DJ

Source: Neutral Audio

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