LED Check: The right light for kitchen, bathroom & living room

Richtige-Lampe-fuer-jeden-Raum the right light for the homeEnergy-saving light bulbs have been the standard choice for a while now – halogen bulbs as well as LEDs. Just recently, two Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their breakthrough in the production of blue-light LEDs. Discos, concerts, outdoor events, even trade fairs – they can’t be colourful enough. But what is the right light for the home? Let’s shine a light on the matter.

Cosy in the living room and the bedroom

Studies have proven how much light affects our ability to relax. In the bedroom and the living room, a warm-white tone is best – bulbs will be labelled Warm White or WW. If the light bulbs are also dimmable, then you can create the perfect cosy atmosphere in your home.

Bathroom and Study: Bright is right

Cool lighting might not always be the cosiest, but it does ensure a clean, bright feel and neutral colour reproduction – for putting on make-up, for example, or reading or writing. “Cool White” bulbs are the recommendation here, with a Colour Rendering Index of 90 or above.

Halogen Conjures Colour

Dinner should be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The right lighting plays a massive part in that. Halogen bulbs are perfect for the dining room, because tungsten filaments produce a very even colour balance. With other types of bulbs, tomatoes can appear brown, green salad limp, and juicy steaks grey.

A bright hallway for maximum safety

Hallways don’t always have windows and are often dark. Here, LED bulbs really show their worth. They shine at 100% capacity as soon as they are turned on, making the hallway a brighter and safer place. Yes, LEDs are a little bit more expensive to buy than traditional light bulbs, but they are brighter and they last longer (average lifetimes of 20,000 hours and more can be expected).

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