LUCAS NANO – Palette of Products is Growing

The demands on sound systems have continued to increase exponentially in recent years. The simple fact of high-quality yet inexpensive loudspeakers being accessible means that event attendees expect a well-rounded and complete sound experience outside of their own four walls as well. This standard has also been the declared goal at HK Audio with its product series LUCAS NANO. However, the palette of products distinguishes itself from other producers in one main point: according to HK Audio, this is the only active stereo PA series that can also easily be carried by hand. The audio performance doesn’t suffer despite the compact and light housing. The palette has been expanded to the tune of three additional new LUCAS NANO objects.

LUCAS NANO introduces three new versions

After the flagship LUCAS NANO 608i’s first successes as well as its successor, the 605 FX, the company has now introduced three additional supplementary models in quick succession: 605 FX, 305 FX and 302. While the LUCAS NANO 605 FX can be used flexibly, not least thanks to its five ports, the integrated reverb effects and the Bluetooth audio streaming, the other two products are smaller varieties. However, the producer still tried to avoid any reduction in versatility and sound quality. Thanks to these qualities, the handy PA models can be implemented in a great variety of ways. As with the previous models, all five individual products can be combined as needed, making it easy to create a perfect twin stereo system. This ensures up to 200 visitors can get an all-encompassing sound experience.

The LUCAS NANO 605 FX and 305 FX are available from the end of November, but you can already get the other three models now. Whoever wants to get a sneak peek at this sound technology can look at the following video:

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