LumenRadio: DMX Transmission Revolutionized

LumenRadio is one of the trailblazers when it comes to wireless DMX transmission. The Swedish company enthuses experts again and again with its innovative product developments. Just recently the manufacturer proved it once again with the presentation of its newest technology at Prolight + Sound 2016. Here it presented a CRMX transmitter in a small USB casing.

LumenRadio: compact technology for secure transmission

DMX transmission thanks to a USB stick” – what sounds unbelievable at first also shows the innovative character of the manufacturer. Although the jump to DMX technology is easy to realise, this is a case of a patented solution with the proven safest operation.

In this way, the Lumen Radio CRMX Nova TX US is a tailor made transmitter that needs no external power source. The device uses the ENTTEC DMX USB “open source” protocol and for that reason, functions with many of the typical software solutions like ENTTEC D-Pro, for example, and many more.

The product relies on the 2.4 GHz frequency. The transmission/receiving strength is 100 mW, the wireless range around 100 meters. That way the technology can be used in large spaces without a hitch, and without the experts having to worry about transmission being interrupted. By the way, neither a DMX interface nor an external transmitter is needed for the CRMX Nova TX USB. At the same time, there are up to 512 DMX channels available for transmission, offering a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution.

Because the innovation is compatible with all of the devices in the LumenRadio product range and numerous spotlights use wireless CRMX technology, the device can be combined at will and used individually. Available with LMP, event technicians who are interested can use prototype devices and have them demonstrated upon appointment. Once again, LumenRadio has proven that thinking “outside the box” is not a problem for the company.

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