Meyer Sound Germany – Interview about the Company

Meyer Sound is an American company with headquarters in California. The company is specialised in the area of sound and studio technology and has been able to successfully establish itself internationally over the years. Here is an interview with Rebecca Khelifa-Bonk about the German branch:


Redaktion: Meyer Sound Germany was founded in 1993 – how has the company developed since then?
Rebecca Khelifa-Bonk: Over the past 23 years Meyer Sound Germany has become a true support for all of Europe and the world. The subsidiary not only serves the German market, but also Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland and is also active as a service centre responsible for more than 42 countries.

Redaktion: The compact linear array loudspeaker LEOPARD is persuasive with its exceptional audio quality. What, in comparison to traditional speaker systems, makes this loudspeaker a sales hit?

Rebecca Khelifa-Bonk: LEOPARD is unquestionably our most successful product to date. It combines the innovative technology from the LEO Family in a compact and diverse package. The brilliant sound and enormous performance as well as the simple rigging and setup are guarantees for an enthusiastic public and satisfied employees and customers.

Redaktion: You are known for your outstanding technical support. What else do your customers value about Meyer Sound Germany?

Rebecca Khelifa-Bonk: For a large number of customers in Europe and beyond we are the first point of contact for all kinds of service, regular maintenance of new loudspeaker, or even those in use for more than 20 years. We have short turnaround times for repairs and quick and uncomplicated acquisition of replacements for current shows or tours.

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