Michael Biwer: “We want to act as the market’s mirror”

Michael Biwer

Oh, how time flies! Prolight + Sound 2013 closed just six months ago and already the preparations for the upcoming trade fair are running at full steam ahead. Michael Biwer talks about three years directorship for Prolight + Sound, new trends in the branch and the upcoming topics of Prolight + Sound 2014.

Prolight + Sound has been closed six months, and it is almost another six months until the next trade fair. So the fair is actually a ways away, isn’t it?

Michael Biwer: More like just around the corner. My team and I feel like the entire lead time is just flying by. We are in the middle of planning the halls, conferences and the supporting program.

In November you will celebrate your three year anniversary as director of Prolight + Sound. What has changed in these past years?

Michael Biwer: The event portfolio has grown to include topics such as production, broadcasting and recording, AV-media systems and the event plaza. The conference program has been solidified to include theme specific days and new topics such as the Eventplaza Conference or the VDT Academy. Our industry is highly innovative, therefore such trade fairs must continually adapt. Each year we study the changes in the market so that we can act as the market’s mirror”.

What are the newest trends that you see?

Michael Biwer: The interesting thing is that our industry is a “maker” industry and therefore develops the trends themselves. The topics of security and radio frequency are not going away, and new EU guidelines and standards are on their way. Even here, the word “compliance” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and “green” events are a hot topic of discussion. However, classic sectors such as audio, lighting and stage technology are not being forgotten.

What can the visitors expect in the coming year?

Michael Biwer: Prolight + Sound Conference 2014 will be expanded to include topics in theatre technology. The I-ESC will again be devoted to safety themes, and the Opus and Sinus Awards Ceremony will be on March 12, 2014. So, come to Prolight + Sound. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are excited! Thank you very much für the talk!

Picture source: Trade fair Frankfurt GmbH / Pietro Sutera

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