Microphone d:screen Slim: Small is Beautiful

The new DPA miniature microphone ‘d:screen Slim’ is especially small and therefore ideal for use as a buttonhole mic. This way the microphone can be inconspicuously placed in the desired position.

Microphone convinces with new accessory clip

The d:screet Slim from the microphone manufacturer DPA is made of a capsule contained in a flat microphone casing. The slim cable is just as inconspicuous. A new “buttonhole-holder” is delivered with the microphone, which is simply attached to the microphone head. This means the product can easily be placed on the backside of clothing (e.g. in a shirt). The small extra holder only takes up 2mm of space. In addition, recording sound at a 90-degree angle is not a problem. The holder keeps the cable flat against the clothing and doesn’t bend.

“After speaking with our users and colleagues in the industry, we took a closer look at how microphones were being concealed and developed a completely new and unique way we could address this requirement,” explained product manager Mikkel Nymand from DPA Microphones. “The result was a microphone that should be more easily hidden under clothes, a big necessity for television and film production. The new design leaves a flatter footprint, but DPA claim it offers the usual high-quality sound for which the company is known.

Combinations of multiple series

The DPA product managers simply emulated the flat form found on the d:fine headset series and added the basic elements from the 4060 and 4061 series. They boast a low level of background noise, and can be used with the usual wireless adapters.

The d:screet Slim can be purchased in black, brown, white, or beige, according to your taste. Furthermore, two different levels of sensitivity can be selected (Lo /Hi Sense). If you’re in the market for a miniature microphone like this, you need only wait till the end of 2015, when the microphones will be available at Mega Audio in Germany – at the “old” series prices.

Source: DPA Microphones

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