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MIPRO Germany GmbH belongs to a Taiwanese microphone producer. MIPRO ELECTRONICS was founded in Chiayi (Taiwan) in 1995 and today has several other locations in Asia and Europe.With the establishment of its German branch, MIPRO has made an additional step forward. The company is best known for its wireless microphones, portable sound systems, PA systems and other communication systems. The following is an interview with Martin Lutz, Head of Marketing & Sales.

Martin Lutz

Martin Lutz

Redaktion: Who comprise your regular clients and which strengths characterise MIPRO?

Martin Lutz: Our regular clients include trade as well as retail buyers from various fields, like music merchants, system integrators and installers as well as large rental companies and specialist electronics stores. On the one hand, MIPRO offers comparable quality at an affordable price; on the other hand, MIPRO is a market pioneer in its role as producer of wireless radio systems.

Redaktion: In Germany you are best known for your wireless microphones and mobile loudspeakers. What is your technology characterised by?

Martin Lutz: Our products are characterised by over twenty years of experience as a manufacturer in the areas of microphone and wireless technology as well as high product quality and above-average signal stability.

Redaktion: Is MIPRO Germany being represented for the first time at Prolight + Sound? What expectations do you have going into it as an exhibitor?

Martin Lutz: As with our parent company MIPRO ELECTRONICS, MIPRO Germany GmbH has been represented at the fair since 2014 and naturally we are excited about regular clients as well as new contacts.

Redaktion: Can you give us a little preview of what awaits visitors at Prolight + Sound 2016?

Martin Lutz: With the ACT-2400 series, MIPRO already added a new digital 2.4 GHz licence-free system to its portfolio at the end of last year. This year MIPRO is going a step further and introducing a 2.4 GHz receiver module for use in the active loudspeakers in its MA series. MIPRO has also further developed its digital ACT-800 series radio systems and is introducing the world’s first digital radio system with integrated AVB interface. In the area of tour guide systems, MIPRO is introducing a new power unit for rack integration.

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