New Installation Amplifiers from d&b audiotechnik


New to the product line – d&b audiotechnik now offers slimline 2U four channel amplifiers. The 10D and 30D amps are constructed in such a way that they can be installed permanently. The d&b amps are reliable, Rider-friendly and conceived especially for installation applications in regards to the range of functions as well as the costs.

The amps offer 700W or 1600W per channel. The DSP platform and the functions are identical to the D20 and the D80. Wide-ranging speaker management and flexible filter functions are also part of the features. In addition, the two 16-band equalisers provide optional parametric, asymmetric, shelving or notch filtering. Beyond that, the signal delay offers up to 10s per channel. This also keeps the future in mind: the DSP functions can be expanded with d&b firmware updates.

The 10D and 30D amps also offer:

1. integration into permanent installations

2. five programmable GPIO pins (General Purpose Input/Output) allow external control and monitoring equipment to be connected

3. four analog inputs, as well as four digital AES/EBU channels

4. each input features a separate input gain, in other words sources with various output levels can be used without needing an external mixing device

5. accessible with full functionality via the d&b Remote network, either via Ethernet (OCA) or using the CAN-Bus, includes d&b R1 remote control software

The 10D amp is perfect for bars, lounges and conference rooms, i.e. applications with low sound-level demands. The amp provides setups for all d&b loudspeakers, exceptions being the large-format units from the J-series, the V-series as well as the M2 monitors.

The setups belonging to the 30D amp are compatible with all d&b loudspeakers. This way the 30D can be used for mid-sized event locations like stadiums, nightclubs, or churches.

"These new devices are our answer to demands for a specific d&b installation amp," said product manager Wolfgang Schulz. "The reliable results from our extremely popular mobile systems are now also available for permanent installations, efficient and at the right price and.”

Source: d&b audiotechnik


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