nhow Hotel Berlin: A musical paradise in the clouds

Tonstudio nhow Hotel BerlinEvery year, Prolight + Sound attracts thousands of music lovers and tech fans from the world over to a little slice of high-tech paradise. The nhow Hotel in Berlin is also passionate about music. With two fully-equipped recording studios, it’s been putting a spring in the step of singers and songwriters since 2010 – a great hotel where you can also produce hit songs, an opportunity taken advantage of by stars like Jennifer Rostock, Rea Garvey, Culcha Candela and Kool Savas. But what was the inspiration behind nhow?

The concept was developed in collaboration with Lautstark, the label behind Lou Bega’s megahit Mambo No. 5. More than 100 feet above the River Spree, on the eighth floor, the very latest technology is at guests’ disposal: from the SSL Duality console at the heart of the system, and top German technology including compressors and equalisers for producing optimal sound quality, to the latest software from American digital media specialists Avid.

The studios are wired up to each other, of course. The icing on the cake? The hotel rooms are also connected, making it possible for guests to record songs from the comfort of their suite, before adding the finishing touches on the music floor.

Multimedia Tech above the Roofs of Berlin

Along with standard mixes, Studio 2 is also fully 5.1 capable. Musicians can take advantage of a ProTools HD3 system. Thanks to plug-in expansions, all the Music Lounge devices are connected. The music floor also boasts a recording booth where songs can be recorded.

If you fancy taking a look yourself (or even looking over the producers’ shoulders), you’re more than welcome. And if you are inspired by what you see, then there’s nothing stopping you from working on your own song – the rooms are stocked with musical instruments, and you can just call room service free of charge if you need amplifiers or headphones brought up.






Picture sources: nhow Hotel Berlin

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