Optoma: Lampless Laser Projector

The new lampless 6,000 lumen projector from Optoma, the ZU650, has been developed using laser phosphor technology for the professional installation market. Optoma claim a maintenance-free operating time of 20,000 hours. With no need to change bulbs or filters, the projector also lays claim to relatively tiny operating costs.

Optoma ZU650: Professional quality images

With natural colours and bright images, high resolution and contrast capabilities, the ZU650 is set to deliver superior quality images at the professional level, particularly suitable for auditoriums, meeting rooms, museums and other public spaces. The ZU650 is also suited to small rooms thanks to the quiet operation of the light source, as well as rooms with low ceilings and any environments where quietness is of the essence.

The ZU650 is the perfect solution for most installations including museums, digital signage, simulators, control and command centres; any application requiring 24/7 operation that demands no down time. By eliminating the need for lamp or filter replacements, the ZU650 provides a lower cost of ownership and will futureproof any installation.
Jon Grodem, Optoma senior director of product management

The ZU650 also offers 360? operation, a portrait mode, horizontal and vertical lens shift and five interchangeable lenses. A remote control can be used wired or wirelessly and can be operated outside of line-of-sight, a particularly useful function at large events requiring the use of several projectors, which can be operated simultaneously. Full support is provided for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN protocols, which allow almost all functions to be controlled remotely across a network. An energy-saving AV mute function also completely switches off the light.

The Optoma ZU650 will be able from the end of December 2015 at a recommended price of €9,876, with the white version coming in at €10,471. It’s a premium price, but the low running costs should more than recompense splashing out on your favourite colour.

Source: Optoma

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