Opus – Frankfurt Trade Fair Announces Winner

The Opus – Deutscher Bühnenpreis has already honored particular service in the field of theater and stage production, live events as well as open air events for the 15th time. This year two different exciting projects received the trophy. The honorees are, on the one hand, Christian “Rocket Chris” Glatthor, who was convincing in the category of stage and lighting design with the “Get Loud Open Air Tour 2016” by Rea Garvey. But the staging of Schiller’s “The Robbers” attracted the jury’s attention. Correspondingly, the realization by Ulrich Rasche was announced in the category of technical realization. The Opus – Deutscher Bühnenpreis is awarded in the scope of Prolight + Sound. The award ceremony takes place on April 6, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Europa room in Hall 4.0.

Winner in the category Stage and Light Design: Christian “Rocket Chris” Glatthor for Rea Garvey – “Get Loud” Open Air Tour 2016

The Opus jury explained their decision for the award as follows: “Light and stage designer Christian “Rocket Chris” Glatthor created a unique stage design for the “Get Loud” open air tour from Rea Garvey, which is beyond the typical design rules for contemporary rock and pop tours, but is more oriented on the work of a classic theater stage designer.”

What’s more, the experts were especially appreciative of the precise positioning and selection of lighting, through which the stage space was able to develop a superb dynamic.

“The Robbers” were convincing in its technical realization

With his staging of “The Robbers”, the second awardee, Ulrich Rasche, integrated Schiller’s figures in the spokes of a powerful human-machine music theater. In this way, he creates a connection to the piece’s well-known preface. The realization of this idea actually took almost one year, and was realized by the Residenztheater’ technical department. Schiller’s figure become part of this overwhelming apparatus as incessantly marching mass. Supported by the music from the composer Ari Benjamin Meyers, a dark mood spreads, which differentiates Rasche’s staging clearly from other versions of the piece.

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